TMS Webcopy Exception SFTP

Hi everyone,

im trying to upload a file via sftp to my ubuntu server. this is the code, thats throws an Exception:

WebCopy2 := TWebCopy.Create(self);

with WebCopy2.Items.Add do
ftphost := edtServerIP.Text;
ftpuserid := edtroot.Text;
FTPPort := edtPort.Value;
ftppassword := edtrootpw.Text;
protocol := wpSftpUpload;
targetdir := '/root'; // path to use on FTP server
targetfilename := targetdockinst; // filename to use on FTP server
url := sourcedockinst; // local file

the data is correct, the file exists. what am i possibly doing wrong? the Exception is C06D....

thank you in advance


What is the exact exception code?
Do you have the required DLLs in place (either next to the executable or at a system path)?