ftp upload


I am trying to upload files to the server, hosted bij xs4all.nl. Every demo I try, indy, WebCopy does not work. The files are uploaded, but size <= 1 kB and the are useless.
(so: I see the names, but hte files are empty. ==> the connection is made) 

I tried the following demo-code  :

  with WebCopy.Items.Add do begin
    ftphost := 'ftp.xs4all.nl';
    ftpuserid := '';
    ftppassword := '';
    protocol := wpFtpUpload;
    targetdir := '.';  // path to use on FTP server
    targetfilename := 'TEST2.zip';  // filename to use on FTP server
    url := 'C:\TEST.zip';  // local file

When I Try the Iny-Components,  the command "List" returns after a while with "TimeOut"

Does anyone have a clue aich paramters I need to set/alter to make it work ? 

(btw: When I use FileZilla, i do not have to configure anything else, and that works)

kind regards,

Dirk Janssens.

Did you try to set WebCopy.FtpPassive = true?