TMS WEB Core v1.7 Ancona is released

We're delighted to inform that TMS WEB Core v1.7 Ancona is released.
The list of new features & improvements is very long:

An overview of the main new features can be found here:

  • Miletus framework : desktop application development with web technology
  • Introduction of async methods in many areas
  • USB device access
  • Firestore filtering, multi-tenant, async functionality added
  • Local file access
  • TWebStringGrid, TWebDBGrid enhancements
  • Popup menu component
  • Enhanced TWebForm

An article about the new Miletus technology can be found here:

Expect an article series from today about the significantly enhanced Google Firestore support.

We hope this new release makes your development of web applications with Delphi even more productive and fun and we look forward to your continued feedback to steer the next upcoming versions!

Well done. Great product!

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I cannot get the new version installed. I tried 2 times uninstalling and installing the new version. But I still keep getting

Uninstall always manually and remove the downloaded old versions from \appdata\tmssoftware...
That often helped when I had issues about installing TMS-products...

Do you uninstall first ALL TMS WEB Core entries via the Windows Control Panel?
After uninstall, verify that no more TMS WEB Core packages are in the IDE.

I tried again. Uninstall both web core and wrapper. Delphi shows no more web core at startup, only FNC. Then install and oops is back in Delphi. It is the correct install that I use. Windows Add/Remove programs says it is

What Delphi version is this?
After you uninstall, can you verify ALL TMSWEBCorePkg*.bpl, TMSWEBCorePkg*.dcp are removed from your hard disk?

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Deleting the files did the trick. Thanks.