TMS Web Core v1.7.0.0 Beta Update, TWebDBGrid issues

Dear Sirs,

Delphi 10.4.2 Sydney
Web Core 1.7.0 beta
Web Core / TWebDBGrid

Mouse editing problem
Grid row change by mouse click should trigger dataset post (if dataset state is in insert or edit mode), currently it does not. For example when dataset is in browse mode (grid also not in edit mode) double click on any grid cell to trigger embeded editor. The dataset goes into edit mode (grid also) but if you click on another row the dataset then grid remains in edit mode (until arrow up, down key is pressed or dataset cursor position is changed in code).

Embeded grid editors problem
We define db grid columns before opening the dataset connected to grid datasource. This should retain column settings. It does not according to event OnGetCellEditor, all editors are default value of geText. If we set variable AEditor to intended editor class then the correct editor is displayed. All is not correct as for example geCombo does not list correct items in list. It should display Column.ComboBoxItems of the edited cell but for some reason it displays items from the next column (to the right).

There are other side-effects when using a mouse and embeded editors probably related to both issues above. For example if you go and double click on all editors from left to right you will see that at some point the content of editors becomes empty (default value in case of geDate, geTime). Could be a seperate problem.

Maybe a bug maybe not but a change for sure. If you do not assign container for TWebMainMenu the position it is displayed in browser is equal to design time position. Before it was just at position (0,0) like normal main menu should be. Why this change?

We prepared a demo that reflects this issues if you follow the scenarios above. (358.5 KB)

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Thanks for reporting.

  1. We fixed the issue with post
  2. We fixed the issue with editor types
  3. For more flexibility, you can control where the menu is positioned

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