TMS Smart Setup without doc files

I am testing TMS Smart Setup and it is great :-) But the doc pdfs are not installed. Is it by design?


Can you please be more specific? What did you do? Which command you used? What doc pdfs are you referring to, exactly?

Example: When I install Sparkle via "TMSSubscriptionManager2.exe" I have got a "doc" folder with the pdf file. When I use "tms.exe", the doc folder is missing in the "..\TMS\Products\" folder. I can use yout web documentation, but a local pdf file is much easier.

Ok, I see. We will manage to add the offline pdf files to the distribution.

Installed today all biz products with tmsgui.exe. Now there are the doc-folder, but all pdfs in the corresponding doc-folders are corrupted. You can't open them. When installing biz with subscriptionmanager2 all pdfs can be opened.

Thank you for reporting @Volker_Oliver1. It's fixed now.