TMS Scripter Studio Copy + Paste problems

I am trying to move a button inside a panel. So, my thought was to moveit by using cut and paste functionality. For this, i clicked on the cut button of the studio (picture cut button.png) and then ,
clicked on the paste button (pivture paste button.png) having selected the panel area.

The result is that the button is visible on the components combobox,

but NOT on the panel

How can this be solved?

Please note that this issue is relative with the issue i reported yesterday ( Dropping a button into a panel , fails cause there is no parent change(Dropping a button into a panel , fails cause there is no parent change))

I don't see such behavior. Note that when you cut the button from form and paste it into the panel, the values of properties Left and Top are kept. That means that the position of the button relative to the panel will be the same as the button was relative to the form.

Maybe the panel is not big enough to display the button, i.e., the button position is beyond the bounds of the panel. Just increate the panel size and you will see the button. Or change the properties Left and Top of the button to lower values.

Dear Wagner. Thank you for your response.
You are right. The problem has been with the left and top and not the parent.
Thank you very much

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