Dropping a button into a panel , fails cause there is no parent change

I am using Delphi Alexandria 11. I am having a st
The scenario is very simple
First of all, I place a TPanel on a form. Then , i am placing a button on the same form outside of the panel.
Then I am trying to put the button into the panel by dragging the button and dropping it to the panel. To test the result of the above moves, I am, changing position to panel. As a result i would expect to have the panel movev along with the button inside it. Is not that right? Instead, the panel is being moved while the button still remain at the same position. What could i do to solve this issue?

step 2--Putting a Button outside of the TPanel
step 3--dragging the button over the panel
step 4--moving the panel and not the button with

That's not how it works. Actually it works exactly like Delphi form designer in this regard.

Dragging the control and dropping into another control won't do nothing about changing the control parent. You should cut the existing control, select panel and then paste it so that it becomes parented by the panel.

Dear Wagner. Thank you for your response. I will have it in my mind

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