TMS Scripter demo won't work


I've'nt find answer using search tool and i'm not sure where to post my present request (so sorry if not at the well place).

I've donwloaded and installed TMS Scripter demo on Delphi 11 yesterday.

I use TMS VCL UI Pack and Cloud Pack registered within the same Delphi 11.

When i want to use a demo program using TScripter object, i can't with an error message:
"This Scripter Studio version has expired. Please register, or to continue evaluating download a new version from".

I suspect a conflict between registered componants and this demo componant.

But if someone know how to solve this problem, it'll be nice since at the moment i can't evaluate this product for a future use in our program. :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any help


We have updated the installer, please download the new updated version and install it again, it should work.