Where is the documentation for this component? I can't find it anywhere but have managed to wast 30 min. looking for it.


Unfortunately there's currently no documentation available for the TIWAdvMessageDialog.
Please have a look at the "Demo AdvMessageDialog" page of the IWFeaturesDemo application (available for download from the "My Products" page) for a demonstration of the usage for this component.

OK. Thank you.

I'm fed up trying to find the correct FeaturesDemo for my set of tools and compile it without missing components or units (Excel for one). Always missing components and never found any form that uses TTIWAdvMessageDialog. Wasted three hours today on this. Very unhappy.

Does anyone have a simple example of how to use this component? Would greatly appreciate it.
Using XE2/Intraweb 14.0.39/TMS (5/6/2016)
  • We are not aware of any issues with compiling/running the TMS IW FeaturesDemo when all required TMS IntraWeb Component Pack packages are installed and the related paths have been added to the Delphi library path.
    Detailed instructions can be found in the install.txt file.

    - The TTIWAdvMessageDialog demo is located on the form "AdvMessageDialog.dfm" included with the TMS IW FeaturesDemo.
    When running the application the demo can be accessed from the "Demo AdvMessageDialog" item on the left side menu.