I'm needing a generic solution for IMAP SMTP and POP3 stuff.

Is there any TMS component that might fit our needs?

I found just TMS Google Outlook and other specific service solution, but for our case we are looking for something generic, where we can configure the connection properties and work around with the normal Email methods.


Please note that TMS VCL Cloud Pack only supports REST based services.
Unfortunately there is currently no TMS component available for IMAP, SMTP or POP3.

Alternatively you might be able to use Delphi in combination with Indy:

Thank you Bart.

Indy is not an option for us, we already have a third party solution, were just looking for a more flexible shared source code option.

How to close this topic?

The topic is closed now.

However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider introducing such a component in the future.

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