TMS Grid Pack obsolete?

I'm using TAdvStringGrid and TAdvSpreadGrid included in TMS Grid Pack (last version, v6.8.2.1). It seems that TMS Grid Pack is not being updated anymore (since Jan 2019), is this product obsolete\abandoned? There is any way to get the last updates of TAdvStringGrid?

The latest grid component updates are in TMS VCL UI Pack  
It is technically & economically not feasible to keep creating & updating distributions for separate component (over 400 in the case of VCL UI). Thanks for your understanding.
I understand that. But Grid Pack is still there, available for purchase - what's the point of selling an unsupported component?
However, I purchased the TMS Grid in October 2019, and I expect to receive component updates in accordance with the license agreement and without the need of repurchasing other bundles (not to mention UI Pack is double as expensive). Not necessarily an installer, source code plus a short instruction would be fine.

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