TAdvStringGrid, AutosizeColumn and Columns

After installing the latest TAdvStringGrid using the TMS Subscription Manager (TMS Component Pack),
AutoSizeRow and AutoSizeRows no longer works, all my rows have the same size no matter.

for i := 1 to AGrid.RowCount-2 do
    A.Filter   := Format('PunktId=%d',[AGrid.Ints[iOffset,i]]);
    A.Filtered := True;
    if A.RecordCount>0 then
      iRow := AGrid.RealRowIndex(i);
      if (iOffset=5) then
        if A.RecNo<iRecs then
         if not A.FieldByName(DBF_AVKRYSSET).AsBoolean then AGrid.SetCheckBoxState(3,iRow,True)
         else AGrid.Ints[iOffset+1,i]  := 100;
      AGrid.Cells[iOffset-1,i]  := A.FieldByName('Kommentar').AsString;
      AGrid.AutoSizeRow(i); // Example, this is not working

Sorry, I mean AutosizeRow and AutosizeRows :)

Please make sure to use TMS Component Pack v7.5.3.1 where this issue was fixed.

Like I wrote in my first post, I use TMS Subscription Manager to download TMS Component Pack, but there is no update for the TMS Component Pack. I guess I will have to install the latest TAdvStringGrid by hand then, why wasn't the TMS Component Pack updated if this is a known bug?

As I explained, in the last TMS Component Pack distribution, there shouldn't be an issue.
Can you verify there are no old versions of AdvGrid.* hanging around on your system?

I just reinstalled the component pack by hand and the TAdvStringGrid still shows The computer I'm using is brand new and I installed TMS products using the TMS Subscription Manager.
There's only 1 folder with the TMS components, will check and see if I can find the reason why the grid is the wrong version, even if I can see during startup (in the splash sceen) that Component Pack is installed.

The DCU file got the date of today and the advgrid.pas is dated 23.10.2014. When I open the advgrid.pas file it says version There's no other advgrid.pas or advgrid.dcu on my computer.
// : Improved : Format control of values in cell progressbar
//         : Fixed : Regresssion with AutoColumnSize()

I removed every single trace of TMS components on my computer and then i reinstalled the TMS Component Pack, still no luck, AutoSizeRow and AutoSizeRows does not work in TAdvStringGrid using Delphi XE3 Professional.

provide a ready to run project (mailto: support@tmssoftware.com) that
demonstrates the issue so the responsible developer can investigate this