Total panic: tDBAdvStringGrid missing

I'm in a total state of panic.

After renewing our TMS Component Pack site license (now called TMS VCL UiPack) I discovered that tDBAdvStringGrid has been removed.  

It is literally the only TMS component that I'm using.  The user interfaces of my programs are based on a competing VCL product (LMD VCL Complete), so if it weren't for this grid, I wouldn't be using TMS components. 

It is totally indispensable to me. I can't replace it with tDBAdvGrid because it has different internal behavior. And I've really tried. Since the grid was deprecated I undertook the effort several times, and each time I had to reluctantly give it up after a week or so, realizing that it would take months just to make my program behave as before. My program has several million lines of code and dozens of forms use this grid.

PLEASE bring it back !

I am now forced to revert to the previous version of TMS Components and I must somehow explain to my boss why this money was spent. I'm not looking forward to that   :-(

You already sent an email on this matter and your email was already answered.