Outlook mail REST api deprecated



It seems this api will be removed next november; is it a replacement for using Microsoft Graph?

Thank you!


Please note that support for Microsoft Graph API is already available in TMS FNC Cloud Pack.

Unfortunately there are currently no plans to support the Microsoft Graph API in TMS VCL Cloud Pack as this would require non-trivial changes to the product.

More information about TMS FNC Cloud Pack is available here (including a trial version):

If you would decide to migrate to TMS FNC Cloud Pack you can contact sales for a best possible offer depending on your current active license.


I was reading the PDF manual and PDF developers guide on that product page, but I didn't find information about how it is using the Microsoft Graph API, and it is not clear to me how do I have to do to move from TAdvCalendar or TAdvGmail to work with the FNC Cloud Pack.

Can you give me more information?

Thank you!

Because the TMS FNC Cloud Pack has a completely new and improved architecture there is unfortunately no code compatibility with TMS VCL Cloud Pack.
The most important difference is that TMS FNC Cloud Pack uses asynchronous requests. This means there is an event associated with all calls that execute a request.

For example calling "TMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOutlookMail1.GetMails" will trigger the "OnGetMails" event when all data is retrieved. The data is accessible in the "TMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOutlookMail1.Mails" collection after the event is triggered.

Please note that TMS FNC Cloud Pack also includes demo applications that show how to use the included components. If there are any specific features you need further assistance for, feel free to submit a message in the TMS Support Center.

The Outlook Calendar, Outlook Contacts, Outlook Mail and OneDrive components in TMS FNC Cloud Pack are all based on the Microsoft Graph API.

The TMS FNC Cloud Pack equivalent components are:

VCL: TAdvOutlookCalendar
FNC: TTMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOutlookCalendar

VCL: TAdvOutlookMail
FNC: TTMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOutlookMail

VCL: TAdvGMail
FNC: TTMSNFCCloudGoogleGMail


Thank you! I will contact sales office now asking for moving to FNC.