TMS Crypto - POSReady 2009 Support (aka Windows XP

We recently (today) purchased TMS Crypto pack to allow us to create a 64 bit version of our application, however we have run into an issue.

Around 50% of our client base is running POSReady 2009 (aka Windows XP) which has MS support until mid 2019, the documentation and the source code seems to suggest that Windows XP support is no longer there (from either the source code or from you) ?

Can you give me any advice on targeting Windows XP ?
If we cannot target Windows XP - can we get a refund of purchase ? We would repurchase it at a later date when we have stopped support for POS Ready 2009 (late 2019 for us).

Thank you.
Hello Christopher,
There is an option to compile the TMS Crypto Pack for Windows XP.
You need to uncomment the line // {$DEFINE WINXP} at the beginning of each .pas file associated to the component you would like to use.
Best regards,

That's a compile time option that compiles an XP specific version (which changes the BCrypt DLL uses) which isn't suitable as many customers have mixed tills (whilst they upgrade from XP to WIndows 7 tills). A given venue has to operate of a single EXE.

The functions used to replace the BCrypt ones works on Windows 7. However these functions are deprecated, that's why we prefer to use BCrypt instead.

Will they work on Windows 10?
Also - are they 64 bit compatible ?

Yes, they work on Windows 10.
For 64-bit, there is another issue, we need a DLL for using random functions if you compile with RAD Studio 10.2 or older.
If you compile with RAD Studio 10.2.1 or newer, you need to uncomment the line // {$DEFINE IDEVERSION1021} to bypass the use of the DLL and the random functions are the BCrypt ones.