TMS Componentpack removed

I have a license for TMS Component Studio and when I tried to upgrade to the latest version of TMS Componentpack this morning, I selected "Update" in the Subscription Manager and I was asked like always if I wanted to uninstall the older version, I answered yes of course so the previous version was then uinstalled. When the installation started, I suddenly got a message saying something about my e-mail address did not match the license or something and then the installation stopped. This is totally bullsh*t, I use the same valid Subsrciption Manager account as always and the same e-mail address I have used for years at TMS. I restarted the Subscription Manager and when I logged on, the TMS Componentpack was gone from the list of my products. I have a valid license up to version 8.8 for the TMS Componentpack and now I can't download it manually either since I'm only allowed one download pr. day. This totally screwes up all my projects who I have to deliver to my customers by tonight.
Any suggestions?

Please retry. We did a database update 2 minutes ago that might have caused a minor interruption.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply :)

Problem solved, I was probably very unlucky with the time of  the updating :)