TMS Component Pack -uninstall previous?

I will try again and wait a little longer,
but I am familiar with the update methodology, and I just tried to update from to

I got the prompt to 'uninstall the previous version', but the uninstaller did not run. Did nothing. I then
started the installed but cancelled and it rolled back.

I also have and updated successfully the Advanced Charts and Pack for Firemonkey. - Uninstall worked just fine and then installed...

Any thing I can look at?
Thanks in advance

the file unins000.exe was missing...
Could not uninstall from add-remove programs.
Not sure what happened.

Deleted folder and installed 8.8.50
seems ok
unins000.exe is back,?

Not sure why unins000.exe was lost on your machine. I cannot see reason from our installer for this. Perhaps this was deleted by accident or there was antivirus software involved that incorrectly treated this EXE?

I am not sure, This is the 1st time it happened.  I will keep an 'eye' open on it.
case closed