TMS app using Bootstrap is rendered in BW


We developed an application with TMS Webcore for controlling an industrial process. We are using bootstrap 5.2.3; We have computers that loads our app in black and white and the bootstrap seems to be not rendered. It works fine on some terminals but not all of them. This behavior shows on both Edge and Chrome (updated to the latest version); We use IIS for the web server;

Did anyone meet this situation? If yes, how do we resolve it?

Thank you,
Daniel and Alex

Are you using Application.Themed = true?

No, I don't! I forgot to mention something! There is a chance that those specific terminals may not have access to internet. Could this be the issue? Are the Glyphs and Bootstrap objects loaded dynamically over the internet at each run?

Our applications sometimes need to be ran without any access to the outside. If this is the case where the Bootstrap and Google Glyphs are loaded dynamically, can I somehow change it to have all these libraries loaded locally?

Thank you in advance for all the help!

If you download the bootstrap css & js files and add these directly to your project, these should not require an internet connection anymore.
To use Google Material icons offline, see:

I tried it and is not this the reason for my BW rendering. Must be something else! Any ideas?

I am out of ideas. I cannot reproduce this.
If a problem persists, please provide a sample source project + exact steps for how to reproduce this.

Can you recreate the behaviour on the internet-connected terminals? For example, on a working terminal, in the browser development tools under the "Networking" tab, you can disable the network connection. Try doing that and then hard-reloading the page (Ctrl+F5 or whatever your browser uses). See if the same behavior can be recreated?

Likewise, Bruno's advice is sound when it comes to referencing all those files locally, but it is a bit of work to test it all out. So you should be able to do the same with the content hosted locally and not get any errors.

If those two combinations work (#1 - a previously working terminal with its network connection removed, and #2 - your updated version with the remote content now hosted locally, including Project.html updates to reference them, also accessed without an internet connection) then some more investigation is certainly warranted.

For example, maybe there is something else in your app where these remote resources are directly referenced (maybe in a stylesheet somewhere) that will also need to be updated to point to the now-local version of those resources.

I will try all this today!

Thank you!

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Did you find the problem?

Hello guys!

Yes I found the problem. It turns out that the terminals, being part of a managed network, there was some network filtering happening that prevented Chrome to use all its capabilities. To many doctors on the same patient!

Thank you Bruno and Andrew for trying to help me. I greatly appreciate this! I got good advice and insights working on this.

All the best!