TMarkers: Icon Anchor properties needed

I need to have control over the Icon Anchors for TMarkers.
The markers have different anchor points, not the standard (0/0), to show exact points and bounds on a map.
Currently the anchor properties are not published and configurable in VCL WebGMaps.
Could you please add them?

See Google's example here:


Thank you for your suggestion.
We'll consider adding this functionality in a future version.
I've extended the last offical release and implemented the Anchor and Origin properties for markers myself and it works fine.
Just let me know, if you consider to use my code for the next releases.

We are certainly willing to investigate & consider. You can contact us by direct email.

I've send you an email with an archive with all amended sourcecodes.

Thank you, we will investigate & synchronize.

If you are interested, I have an updated archive based von, that also fixes a problem with the TMarkerAnimation format in Javascript.

Hi Stefan,

You're welcome to get in touch via email and we will look into this for synchronizing