How to set proper posotion for selfmade icon


wie have several selfmade map-pins and with the Value "aIconURL" in AddMarker, I can set the Pin as Marker replacement. But when we use them, the Pin is centered both horizontal and vertical. So when you zoom out, the tip of the pin is not on its location. How can I correct the Pin to show the position properly?

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Here is a Link for a example Pin


In TTMSFNCGoogleMaps you can use the Markers[].Anchors property to set the X and Y anchor of a custom marker image. Make sure to set the Markers[].DefaultAnchor to False.

Please note that this functionality is currently only available for Google Maps.

I Use TTMSFNCMaps with Mapbox as Service. Will it be available in the Future?
Unfortunately we can't use google.

We'll have to investigate if this feature is available in the MapBox API and if it can be added in a future version of TMS FNC Maps.

As a possible workaround you could try adding transparent whitespace at the bottom of the image to have it positioned correctly on the map.

Okay, thank your for that Hint, I will try that as a Workaound. :+1:


any news on that topic? The Problem, I found, is that the Coordinate of the exact long and lat point on the map, is displayed by the bottom right Corner of the Marker-Image. That leads to the Problem that it can't be fixed by changing the icon size. No matter how wide the icon will be, the point on the right bottom corner will always be the same distance away from the Center Point of the Marker.


Unfortunately there's no news available for now.
Adding marker anchors for TTMSFNCMapBox is still on the feature-request list.
We'll consider adding this feature in a future version.