Anchor points of Marker (TTMSFNCGoogleMapsMarker) Icon

is there an option to set the anchor point of the marker icon in the meantime?

I would need the anchor point for some round markers in the center of the icon and not in the bottom center.The Google Maps Api allows this and the TTMSFNCGoogleMapsMarker is also Google specific. Therefore it should not be a big thing. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything in the component. Did I miss something, how could this be realized?

In TTMSFNCGoogleMapsMarker collection item class, there are 2 properties: DefaultAnchor, and Anchor. When DefaultAnchor is true, the icon is centered. When DefaultAnchor is false, the top, left of the icon is set to the coordinate, and the Anchor property can be used with X & Y coordinates to position the icon relative to the coordinate, in pixels.

Very good, thank you Pieter! I had somehow looked in the wrong place, now it is clear.

In case anyone else is looking for it in that context, the anchor point of an OverlayView attached to Marker can then be moved by using .OverlayView.CoordinateOffsetTop and .OverlayView.CoordinateOffsetLeft appropriately

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