TIWDatePicker sync and Async change

hi again

i have a few pages with many TIWDatePicker.
in each one of them i need to check if the date is out-dated, in a 30 days range, or higher then 30 days.
it works fine in the OnClick event of the TIWDatePicker, but i can't make it work if the users just change the text of the date instead of clicking the dropdown month.

here is my OnClick procedure:
procedure TfrmAddVehicle.TIWDatePicker1Click(Sender: TObject; ADate: TDateTime);

and here is the procedure that check the dates :
i had to use the "For I:=0 To ComponentCount-1" because there are 30-40 DatePickers in a page, and i have 4 pages like that (governmental biurocratic page...) .
Procedure ChangeColorAfterChangeDateInDatePicker;
Var I : Integer;
  For I:=0 To ComponentCount-1 Do
    If (Components IS TTIWDatePicker) Then Begin
      If (Components AS TTIWDatePicker).Date-Now>=30 Then     (Components AS TTIWDatePicker).Font.Color:=clWebGreen
      Else If (Components AS TTIWDatePicker).Date-Now<=0 Then (Components AS TTIWDatePicker).Font.Color:=clWebRed
      Else                                                       (Components AS TTIWDatePicker).Font.Color:=clWebOrange;
    End;//If (Components IS

i tried to use this procedure in the OnAsyncChange, but nothing happened.

the color differences is my client's request

any idea how i can make it work?


Unfortunately it's currently not supported to change the DatePicker.Font.Color asynchronously.

However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this functionality in a future version.