TIWAdvWebGrid default values question

Hi All,

When I drop a TIWAdvWebGrid on my form, there is a lot of preset (default) values in it's properties. A good thing as it would be almost impossible to use otherwise.

However, there are some of the default values I would want to change, and the question is what it the right way of doing this, and if there is any easier way than to go through each setting manually. I guess it would be easier in code, which is what I'm aiming at.

A new dropped TIWAdWebGrid has, among others, 3 columns defined, RowCount = 10 (and Totalrows = 10). is there any other reason for these values than to facilitate the creation of Columns and Rows at design time ?

As I'm doing it in code, I'm trying to figure out if there are other values there needs to be reset / changed as well,

Any proposals are welcome.



The preset values are intended to help configure the TTIWAdvWebGrid at design time and also to provide a visual reference as soon as the control is dropped on the form.
All properties can also be changed programmatically depending on your specific needs.