TTIWDBAdvWebgrid OnNodeShow and OnNodeOpen


    While the 'TTIWDBAdvWebgrid.CellValues[col,row]' property is zero-based 'OnNodeShow','OnNodeOpen' and 'OnNodeClose' events are 1-based? Is that right? Can this be unified to make all 'IWgrid' bases to '0', for example? I tried finding this information on 'TTIWAdvWebGrid' manual but I didn't see much about that. Only one reference in the 'DynEdits' part when is said that: 

'Grid.DynEdits[2,6] := ?1234?; (note that column and row indexes are always zero based)' 


This is a valid remark, however changing the behavior this behavior would result in breaking changes for existing applications.
We'll have to investigate if the documentation can be improved in some cases.