TileList "no mapping for the unicode character exist in the target multi-byte code page"


I don't know how old is the FNC UI pack released, but seems you released buggy software.

I am moving my old FMX UI pack code to FNC UI pack, now it's turn to FNCTileList component that showing the next message "no mapping for the unicode character exist in the target multi-byte code page"


I am using Delphi 11.3 with latest TMS versions


Since you have provided no further details, we dropped the component on the form, let the sample initialize and run it on an Android device. We could not see this error. Can you provide a minimal working sample that reproduces this issue in a new project as well as your Android version?


Indeed, I did not provide you a sample, all I did was ported my old existing FMX UI Pack code to FNC and fail.

I supose your issue ir concerning with data values retrieve from SQLite DB and assign it to "description" tiles, wich it's as always FNC issues right?.

Send you a video first part showing FMX UI Pack, the second with FNC


I did some debug activities, and apparently the issue is when I assigned an image, code below is the one I used for that tasks.

CopyToStream(ImageSQLiteDB.FieldByName('Miniatura').AsBytes, MemoryStream);
If MemoryStream.Size > 0 then TTMSFNCTileListItem.Image.LoadFromStream(MemoryStream);
TTMSFNCTileListItem.ImagePosition := tipBottom;

So what's the best option to load images on runtime to a tile?



Can you try setting the TMemoryStream.Position to 0 here too similarly to this TableView loading stream to bitmap issue - #7 by Pieter_Scheldeman? We were able to reproduce the error with this on Android, but setting the Position property before loading from the stream resolved it.

Yes thanks

Issue solved

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