TileList load images on demand


I'm using the TileList on an App for iOS/Android to represent a list of products to sale, each block (Tile) contains the price, photo and description, however in most cases the list is about 3000 items or more, so I want to use a technique in order to move between the pages on demand because if not my end user will pay with long wait times and ram resources.

How can you suggest me to solve this approach???

Image you have the TileList with 3000 items (Tiles) show it on a 3 x 5 array (3 columns, 5 rows) each page will be of 15 items (Tiles). My idea is the first page load it at my DB (select the first 15 record with images) and probably use the OnNextPageClick and OnePreviousPageClick events in order to refire the SQL to my BD using RemoteDB so in this case every time the end user want to navigate trought the entire pages will do it in small packets.

Also is this possible to load all the 3000 records just to put the price an description on the TileList and then load the images on the fly on every page moving event, is that possible???? if so how to do it?


You should retrieve the amount of records in the database first (RecordCount?) and then add that many "empty" tiles/pages. As you already mentioned the OnPreviousPageClick and OnNextPageClick events can be used to retrieve the data from the database.