FMXTileList issue

I have a TMSFMXTileList with 3 pages of 9 tiles each and 3 buttons. Each button go to a specific page of the TMSFMXTileList with the code

  TMSFMXTileList1.PageIndex := numberpage;

In the first page one tile is empty.
In the second page six tiles are empties.
In the third page 8 tiles are empties.

If I go try to go from the first page to the third page, the page isn't refreshed.

After some tests:

-         -  Delphi XE5 works correctly (tested on Windows 8.1);
- Delphi XE6 doesn’t works correctly (tested on another computer with Windows professional 7 32bit -I have reinstalled Delphi and TMS Firemonkey components);
-      Delphi XE6 UPDATE 1 doesn’t works correctly(tested on Windows 8.1);

You have already sent this by email and we replied by email. Refrain from double posting support questions via multiple channels.