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xe 7.1 firemonkey livebindings

Hi there...

I am using the FMX TListView and works for most of my needs

However it ALWAYS load all the records from the dataset.

The benefit I have with FMX TListView is that I can have SEARCH.

I need to replace TLIstView in my dialogs where the number or records are too big. I need something to put in place, there is no need to be fancy, it is only a list of name. That can handle thousands of records fast, with no need to load them, and with a way to search.

It is like a search dialog for Products, for example... you type the product name and it will be filtering.

I am using Aurelius with TAureliusDataset via LiveBinding



You could use the TTMSFMXLiveGrid which should be capable of loading many records.
You can configure it to show only one column.

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