TileList appearance on Android

I am using Delphi XE6 and TTMSFMXTileList v1.6.2.0 that came with TMS Pack for FireMonkey

However I can not see any changes to the TileList through the current of the Pack.

I created the tiles programmatically:-
  it : TTMSFMXTile;
  it := ATileList.Tiles.Add;
    it.BitmapName := 'user';
    it.Caption := 'Member Add';
    it.DetailSizePercentage := 40;
    it.DetailCaption := 'Add a new member or user';

The 1st graphic shows 6 tiles on a page in the TileList. Windows 8. This looks OK.

The 2nd graphic shows the same setup on a Google Nexus 7 Android tablet.

See the top row of 3 tiles. There are no horizontal lines.
How is it possible to get the horizontal lines?

The 3rd graphic show the same setup on a Samsung Galaxy J1 Android phone.

The tiles paint OK but they are smaller and no text.
Can they be made bigger?
How can I detect if it is a phone and say place 4 tiles per page, instead of 6?
I need at least 1 word of text on the graphic so user can distinguish the tiles.

I appreciate your comments.

  Peter Evans


The missing borders were due to a rounding issue in FireMonkey. We have applied a fix for this issue, the next version will address this. There is no separate detection mechanism for knowing if the Android OS is running on a tablet or phone. In RAD Studio 10 Seattle a view system is introduced which can be used to design your forms for multiple device screen sizes. In XE6 you could try with Screen.Width and Screen.Height te determine the actual size of the device screen.

Kind Regards, 

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will try your suggestion.

I looked through the changes in version of 28Feb16 but can not see that there has been a change to the TileList.
Does have the change to TileList?


Version contains the fix, but the version history hasn't been updated. We have now updated the history and when re-compiling and running your application the border issue should be fixed.

I have installed of TMS Pack for FireMonkey.
I have spent a few hours checking to see if the problem has been fixed. Unfortunately it has not.
On Windows 8 there is no problem.
On Google Nexus 7 Android tablet there is still a problem.
This is what I see :-
For the situation of 2 rows, 3 columns.
Row 1 : 1st tile has no RHS line; 2nd tile has no LHS line and no RHS line.
Row 2 : 1st tile has no RHS line and no bottom line; 2nd tile has no LHS line and no RHS line and no bottom line; 3rd tile has no bottom line.

When the view is changed the screen animates until it stops. Whilst animating, I can see most of the lines. When the animation stops, the lines (as described above) disappear.

Hopefully this description will be enough to fix the problem.


We are not able to reproduce this here, can you send us a sample project that demonstrates this?

Pieter Scheldeman2016-04-04 15:08:58

Thank you for your reply.

This is how my program looks in the Google Nexus 7.

You can see the missing sides of the tiles, as I indicated.

I hope this helps to understand the problem.

Can you send us specific details on which properties are set, because it seems that there is also vertical and horizontal margin applied. Can you perhaps send us a sample that is able to reproduce this issue?

I have just sent a project to run on Google Nexus 7, Android device.
Also attached a screen shot of how it appears.