Grid - Bitmap size too big

I am using version of the pack.

I am using the grid in many places and am only having a problem with one grid.

I get the error "Error reading TTMSFMXBitmap.Bitmap.PNG : Bitmap size too big".

I am not knowingly displaying a bitmap or fiddling with any bitmap. (There is a checkbox in one column.)

Has this got something to do with the fix in "Issue with adding non-data type checkboxes via columns collection in TTMSFMXGrid?

I also note that an operation on FireMonkey Windows that takes less than 2 seconds takes about 45 seconds on Android.

Hi, this is the first time we encounter this and we haven't changed anything regarding bitmaps in the grid. Can you send us a test project?

It will be difficult making a test project.
I think I will wait until the next release as that should fix two (2) of my issues.
When is the estimated released date for the new release?

I have now got a work around for this problem. It only occurs when my processing is in a separate thread. And then only when running the Android device from the Delphi IDE for debugging.

The clue was in a StackOverflow question "Bitmap size limit in Android".

When running with the IDE you will see two (2) similar messages. Choose to "Ignore this exception type".

  Peter Evans

Thank you for your feedback.