Codecompletion in SrcMemo only. Without IDE components

Is this possible ?
We internally register objects, components with rtti.
Ctrl+space only show two items: ShowMessage ...
Is it possible to show objects, properties .. in codecompletion in SrcMemo without IDExxx controls ?

Thank you,
Vojko Cendak

Why you don't want to use TIDEMemo and TIDEEngine components? They make it easier to use the code completion, by using TScrMemo you will just repeat code yourself.

Thank you,
We tried and it's working better. We use internally in objects TatPascalScripter (lots of them).
We assign from TatPascalScripter to IDE and then we edit copy.
Problem is when we compile in IDEScriipter, it throws exception after we change it (first time is ok),
but the TatPascalScripter is ok. Strange.
So now we only use IDE to edit, use codecompletion ..., but actual execute goes to TatPascalScripter in objects.
It's work for now, but do you have any feeling what might be causing this compile issue ?

Which exception are being thrown, in which situation, do you have a call stack, do you have a simple project and steps to reproduce the issue?

More detailed information will be helpful for us to know what's going on.