THtmlTreeView item spacing issue

Most of our customers will not use HTML formatting for a treeview, but some will.  Some customers like a larger font size than 8.  So if the user chooses a font size > 8, the line spacing between each TreeView node does not increase to compensate for the larger font size, so a font size of 12 or greater gets cut off at the bottom.  The standard TTreeView increases the spacing proportionally, but your THtmlTreeView does not.  Can this be fixed?

Delphi 10.3.2.


Are you referring here to items with multiline text and the spacing between multiline text within a node?
Otherwise, the item spacing / height is controlled with HTMLTreeView.ItemHeight.

Thanks, my apologies. I didn't think of looking for an ItemHeight property.  I guess I was expecting it to behave like the standard TTreeView where there is no ItemHeight property and it is internally adjusted automatically.

While that property does the trick, like setting the ItemHeight to twice the font size, the ICON drawn with it, via the StateIndex, stays aligned vertically at the top instead of the middle.  Any way to fix that?  

Note: the StateImage property is an index into a virtual image list that is assigned to the StateImages property.  Try it with a font size of 12 and an ItemHeight of 24.

We have improved this. The next update will have this improvement.