THTMLTreeview and ampersands

THTMLTreeview won't properly display ">" even when I change it to ">".

Perhaps THTMLTreeview needs a 'ShowAcceleratorChar' property that can be set to false? Or how do I get THTMLTreeview to display ">" correctly (now it displays as a '>' character with an underline).

Just to be clear, I want the user to see ">".

Seems that miniHTML preprocess the code more than once, so > doesn't show what you want, BUT ...

You can make it with an invalid tag :smiley:
Instead, use: &amp;<x>gt;

Oh that would be ugly... hope I don't have to fix it THAT way!

Well, since you said it was processing the code more than once, I double converted the 'special' HTML characters and it indeed seems to be processing the character entities more than once... so definitely a bug there.... and that still doesn't fix the problem.... I still can't display &gt; to the user. I didn't try inserting an invalid tag though; that is getting a bit ridiculous although it would be interesting to see if that 'fixes' it.

I'd just like a real fix otherwise I will leave it broken and hope nobody cares or notices.

That really "fixes" it.
Ok, let's not cheat so much. You don't necessarily need an INVALID tag. You just need to add anything that doesn't generate any extra displaytext between the ampersand (&& or &amp;) and 'gt;'. It may be a VALID tag. Try <b></b> .

&amp;<b></b>gt;    shows     &gt;    , and it is valid HTML.

This :point_up_2: would solve this :point_down: NOW

Meanwhile, support team will surely be working to solve this :point_down:  

Just trying to help :handshake:

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We implemented a fix. Next update will address this.


Thanks... that's clever... I appreciate it but I will wait for the upcoming fix since it's not an immediate concern.