TTMSFMXTreeview HTML Text in node


We have a treeview and it displays ampersands (&) twice when the text is HTML-encoded.

  txt := 'Test & Test';
  txt := THTMLEncoding.HTML.Encode(txt); // From System.NetEncoding

  node.Text[0] := txt; // plain (will show "Test & Test")
  node.Text[0] := '<B>' + txt + '</B>'; // Bold (will show "Test && Test")

We do the HTML-encode because our users can input all kind of texts, also including e.g. a greater (>) or smaller (<) symbol

  txt := 'Rubbish > <';

We want the text (whatever it contains) to be visible as-is in plain and bold.
Any suggestions ?



We have investigated this here and applied a fix for this issue. The next version will address this.

Thx Pieter,

Lightning fast support, as always.


Just installed the latest version, but it seems that this issue isn't fixed.
Could not find a remark about this in the releasenotes either.


The fix was applied to FNC, and now additionally to FMX as well, which will be available in the next release.


Is it a small change, I could manually do on the sources over here ?

in the FMX.TMSHTMLEngine.pas source you'll see the &amp; variable is replaced with a double ampersand. You can replace it with a single ampersand instead

Ok, thx