Problem with DBRichEditor background

Hello, dear TMS team!

I have a very strange problem with TAdvRichEditor with a TAdvRichEditorFormatToolBar connected
to it while storing the text to DB. This effect is very rare and therefore I can't reproduce it - sorry.

In some cases, the user enters his text for a new dataset. After saving, the background color
of the RichEditor changes to black. There is no way to remove the black background after
persistence an reload the dataset, even on restart the program.
Note: if once the text is stored correct this effect never appers!

I'm using the latest version of VCL Component pack with delphi XE5, FireDAC, MySQL.
Befor saving:

After saving it look like that:

In source of AdvRichEditor line 2629 (TAdvRichEditor.DrawBackground methode)
ACanvas.Brush.Color := Color;
the color in normal cases is "$00ffffff" (clWhite) while the "black" color value is always "$00000005".

In case of interrest, I can provide an "ascii hex" string from db in case of correct storage and
"bad" storage...

best regards, Frank

Here are some more infos. (My major problem was, that I've never had this effect by myself: my customers reported this.)

One more programatical info: I use this "ClipBoard filter"

imprint.ClipboardFormats := imprint.ClipboardFormats - [ AdvRichEditor.cfRTE, AdvRichEditor.cfRTF, AdvRichEditor.cfHTML, AdvRichEditor.cfBMP, AdvRichEditor.cfFile ];

The users who reported this issue are copying text direct from a word document into the RichEditor.
As told last time: the text displayed after pasting, is black on white without any formattting (bold etc.) - just as expected and wanted.
Then, after storing the dataset, the background changes to black. Sometimes black chars on black background. The text remains still in RichEditor.

The effect persists  while navigation to other datasets!
With this infomation (copy&paste from Word) I can reporduce this issue...

OK, got it!
The problem: RichEditor.color is preset (IDE prop. editor) to clWindow in this project
( - the hell know why! It was definitly not my choise.)
That is why the stored background color is "$FF000005". On re-read from DB
it is restored to color "$00000005" (nearly black)...

In our demo, the color value is preset to clWhite and with this setting, we could not reproduce an issue here pasting from MS Word and persisting in the DB.

Hello Bruno,
yes I agree!

This problem is solved for me, when I set the color to clWhite - which I normally use always.
(I try to never use system color values in my projects - even if they are used as preset).
I've checked the svn revisions of the concerning dfm-file : until last two week there
was no color entry for TDBAdvRichEditors in this file but after that a NEW color entry appears with vlaue clWindow.
I don't know why - I did it not intendedly... perhaps it was set while cut&past from
one panel to an other(?).

Finally: all is ok and the is no issue in RichEditor. :)
Possibly one have to check the colors, if they are clWindow or something like that.