TDBAdvGrid if i click a CheckBox Dataset is not ed

Hi all,
i have a problem with TDBAdvGrid and CheckBoxes for Boolean Fields.
I use the firebird 2.5 and access on the database of TADQuery from AnyDAC.
In the database a table filed was applied across the Domain “AS_Boolean”.
TADQuery recognize the field as a Boolean, as you can see in the field editor.
I connect a TDBAdvGrid across a data base with TADQuery. In DataSource, I have set the property AutoEdit=false.
I have set the property ShowBooleanField from TDBAdvGrid into true.
At run time, I click on the individual fields. They are not, how expected, to edit. Once I click on a Boolean field, I get the error message “Dataset is not editable” or something like that.
What could be the reason for this? Actually should the grind not try to set the status on edit.
It could also be associated in connection with TADQuery of AnyDAC.
Does anyone have an idea?

Did you check in the demos for TDBAdvGrid, the demo ADOEditing? In this demo, the last column is a boolean field editable via checkboxes. I cannot see an issue with this demo here when clicking the checkboxes. Clicking the checkbox puts the dataset in edit mode.

But even the demo is just „wrong“ as my application.
Pleas set DataSource.AutoEdit=false, than you can see the same problem.

I'm not sure how you expect this to work when AutoEdit = false, if the checkbox click can't set the dataset in edit mode, then you basically have a non editable checkbox? If you want a non editable checkbox, set this field as readonly and the checkbox should show as disabled.

I set with my intention the DataSource to AutoEdit=false, so does this accidentally not edited.
If I do not this, and the user clicks with the mouse on the grid and he caught a Boolean field, it makes of true-false and of false-true. I want to avoid this. The user should be aware of the DBNavigator go to Edit. Then are all controls and the grid including the Boolean fields editable.

Understood. We have applied an improvement that will automatically take this in account. Next update will have this improvement.

Thank you for your help, appreciate that