pb with TDBAdvGrid

With my TDBAdvGrid I have 2 (little) problems :
1/ In my grid I want to have my boolean columns as checkboxes. I do DBGridLocal.ShowBooleanFields := True and my boolean columns are well detected : I see a grey checkbox, but .. always the same symbol whatever my cell is True or False ! 
I tried to play with ControlStyle, CheckedGlyph...but without success.

Information : My W Xp is in French and if DBGridLocal.ShowBooleanFields := False the boolean cells are shown as 'Faux' & 'Vrai' not 'False' & 'True' 

2/ I use HoverRow  (HoverRow = True) and all is OK except that the Hover is effective also to my Fixed Row (Column Titles). I want to disable it, is there an option ? (if not I'll do it by code)

Version TDBAdvGrid / D7 / WXP

Best regards 
  1. Did you set Column.CheckTrue/CheckFalse properly?


I don't understand why I need to set CheckTrue/CheckFalse as my internal value is a real boolean and the 'Faux'  'Vrai' strings are done by the TDBAdvGrid so I know that TDBAdvGrid recognize the good values.
Also when I use other tools like JvDBGrid the check boxes are OK.
I may set 
 CheckTrue/CheckFalse to 'Faux'/'Vrai' but it will be language dependent.
I tried with 
              ItemTemp.CheckTrue := 'Vrai';
              ItemTemp.CheckFalse := 'Faux';
no difference...

What is the DB field type you want to connect to a checkbox ? Is this a string field with content "Faux" / "Vrai" or a boolean field type?  If it is not a boolean field, set grid.Columns[index].CheckBoxField = true and set the values of grid.Columns[index].CheckTrue / grid.Columns[index].CheckFalse

No it is a classical MDB boolean field.

Please have a look at the ADOEditing demo in the TDBAdvGrid demos. This uses an MDB with a boolean field (Available field) and works without any issue here.

It's OK with the demo source & my database.... so I just need to compare the DBGrid properties.
Thanks Bruno.