TDBAdvGrid Displaying Date-Time

This should be simple.

I am using TDBAdvGrid and wish to have a column display the date and time from a time-stamp field. Only the date is displayed, for example '01/30/2013'. I would like to see at least '01/30/2013 14:56:27'.

I am using DbExpress to access SQL Server 2005. The field from the dataset is TSQLTimeStampField. I can't seem to find the setting that will display the time portion of the field. 

Using C++ Builder XE2 & TMS component version

I have it working now.

The column width was 80. I increased it to 120. Apparently the date wouldn't display because the default setting for the Grid is WordWrap = True and the time was wrapped to the second line. 

Just to understand: Can TDBAdvGrid use variable height rows? If I want to wrap text how would I get it to size the row heights appropriately?

To auto size rows, call grid.AutoSizeRows()

I added a call to AutoSizeRows() using both true and false - both at construction and after refreshing the data. None of them varied the row height. I am guessing if I had line breaks in the text it would display multi-line. But it doesn't seem to do it for word wrapping. I also set a string field smaller to see if it would wrap and it doesn't either.

I cannot reproduce a problem here.
We quickly created a test app and this works fine. You can clearly see the size of rows adapts to the memo field size: