TAdvColumnGrid edTimeEdit format

I want a column with Editor edTimeEdit to show only hours and minutes.
The manual says I have to use the DateTimePicker settings, so I set the Format to 'HH:mm'. That works for the editor, but when the grid is not in Editmode, seconds are shown. How do I get rid of these?

When I use a default grid on the form with the code:

  AdvStringGrid1.Options := advstringgrid1.Options + [goEditing];
  AdvStringGrid1.DefaultEditor := edTimeEdit;
  AdvStringGrid1.DateTimePicker.Format := 'HH:mm';

it shows the hours and minutes and also when not editing, the time is displayed as hours & minutes.

As I can't upload any pictures (option in the editor does not work?), so I can't show you mine doesn't.
I use these options:
When editing: [goFixedVertLine,goFixedHorzLine,goVertLine,goHorzLine,goEditing,goTabs,goDrawFocusSelected]
When in read-only mode: [goFixedVertLine,goFixedHorzLine,goVertLine,goHorzLine,goEditing,goRangeSelect,goRowSelect]

  1. make sure you use the latest version
    2. if a problem persists with the latest version, send a sample source project via email

I use the very latest version.
I will try to isolate the problem in an example and send it by e-mail.

I found out that the problem lies elsewhere.
When I fill the values like this:

 CGtvDag.Times[nCol, nRow] := tv_dag[value].tijdtm.ValueOrDefault;

The problem occurs.
When I do it like this:

CGtvDag.Cells[nCol, nRow] := FormatDateTime(FormatSettings.ShortTimeFormat, tv_dag[value].tijdtm.ValueOrDefault);

The values are displayed correct.

What is the difference on your machine between TimeToStr(atime) and FormatDateTime(FormatSettings.ShortTimeFormat, atime) ?

TimeToStr(atime) = 08:42:44
FormatDateTime(FormatSettings.ShortTimeFormat, atime) = 08:42

I checked this and I see that in the RTL, TimeToStr() indeed uses FormatSettings.LongTimeFormat. So either you'd need to change FormatSettings.LongTimeFormat to not include seconds or set the time yourself using FormatSettings.ShortTimeFormat