TAdvStringGrid and OnCellValidate


I have a AdvStringGrid (Version and I use the lookupitems based on the actually focused cell.
Now, if the user enters a value and then press Enter (Key), the OnCellValidate Event fires and shows a balloon if the entered value is not valid (the balloon is automatically showed if grid.InvalidEntryTitle and grid.InvalidEntryText are not empty).
But if the user click into the next cell with the mouse, the OnCellValidate Event seems not to work as expected. If the entered value in the previous cell is not valid, the balloon is not showed and the value is replaced by an empty string. Any idea what's could be wrong here?

Regards Thomas

We could reproduce this and we're investigating this deeper as this doesn't turn out to be a trivial issue.

Hi Bruno
Thanks for your info.

Regards, Thomas

Please could you tell me if this problem will be fixed.I have downloaded version for Delphi 2010, Mar 2017 and the problem is still evident. Thank you.

We have implemented a solution for this case. Next release will have this improvement.Bruno Fierens2017-05-04 09:52:37

Thank you, Bruno. I will do a workaround and await the release.