TBlockSingleArrowBlock ShaftWidth- how do you change the width of the "point" portion of the arrow?

Hi, I'd like to change the width of the "arrow" or head-portion part of arrow in TBlockSingleArrowBlock. ShaftWidth seems to change the shaft, which is what I want, but the head is still too big?

I apologize in advance for any somewhat unavoidable double-entendres.

What about ShaftLength? There no other properties that control the object drawing. Maybe the block is not flexible enough for your need. Some screenshots also help, it's always hard for me to support Diagram Studio in some situations because users describe what they want but a picture would be much more straightforward.

I didn't notice it until you said it :slight_smile:

You are right; an illustration would have been clearer. Hopefully this is more illustrative:

Yes, very clear now. The picture from the manual is just the block icon, which you can see in the toolbar as well. But in the real block the proportion is different indeed, and you cannot control it. The width of the arrow is proportional to the ShaftWidth value.