Hi All; 

I have installed VCL UI Pack; I have created a new blank Delphi VCL Project with an AdvWebBrowser;
I have downloaded the Edge Dev Version.
When I drag a TadvWebBrowse on the form at design time, RadStudio 10.3.3 crash and close it self.

Did you put the DLLs in the right version & follow steps


I have not tried this component yet, but are you certain that step 2 at the link above is clear and correct?  It implies that the first named DLL, with 'x86', belongs in System32, and that the second, with an x64 name, in SysWow64.  That would make them different from every other DLL in those folders. All the DLLs in System32 are 64-bit DLLs, and SysWow64 contains the 32-bit DLLs.

It depends if you use a 64bit OS or 32bit OS.

Hi All, 

yes, I made all the steps.

I have uninstalled all versions installed in my PC; 

I downloaded and installed the CANARY version, I copied the DLL in SYSWow64 and It works.

Now, I have some questions:
1) When I release my project, CANARY version of Edge needs to be installed to my Users' Client?
2) I need to copy the DLL on my Users' Client?


We are following the release schedule from Microsoft. The edge version that can be downloaded is currently v80. The minimum requirement is v82. This version will most likely be release half may. So starting from then we can look out for installing a browser that is stable. Yes, you also need to copy the dlls in the system32 and SysWow64 on the users client machine.

Thanks for all replies; 

The Dll can be in the same dir of the Exe?