TAdvWebBrowser compilation C++ Win32 fails

Good morning,
I recently installed the new version RAD Studio 12, then i updated the VCL UI Pack to the last version. When I try to compile my C++ project, I got this message concerning the TAdvWebBrowser:
[bcc32 Erreur] AdvWebBrowser.hpp(1195): E2370 Nom de type simple attendu

E2370 Simple type name expected (C++) - RAD Studio (embarcadero.com)

I can't reproduce it into a little project.
Can you help me to understand how to fix it please?

After test, I got the same problem under RAD Studio 11.1.5, it seems to be TAdvWebBrowser issue....

Best regards
Minh-huy NGUYEN

I suggest to try first to reorder your include files

It's complicated, I already tried to rearrange include with no success.
My application is a MDI form, the child TForm class that include AdvWebBrowser is included in the main TForm. This child form is also called by other classes.

After investigation, I can produce the issue with a little project. Only one form with one TAdvWebBrowser. The difference with my first message was that I didn't compile using classic 32 bits compiler. It happens in that case and only that case.

To solve the issue I just apply the recommandation from RAD Studio website page.

The declaration:
typedef void __fastcall (__closure TAdvWebBrowserOnGetContextMenu)(System::TObject Sender, const TAdvWebBrowserTargetItem &ATarget, System::Generics::Collections::TObjectList__1<TAdvWebBrowserContextMenuItem>* AContextMenu);*

in AdvWebBrowser.hpp is corrected by declaring a typedef for ystem::Generics::Collections::TObjectList__1<TAdvWebBrowserContextMenuItem*> type
like this
typedef System::Generics::Collections::TObjectList__1<TAdvWebBrowserContextMenuItem>* CollectionsTAdvWebBrowserContextMenuItem;*
typedef void __fastcall (__closure TAdvWebBrowserOnGetContextMenu)(System::TObject Sender, const TAdvWebBrowserTargetItem &ATarget, CollectionsTAdvWebBrowserContextMenuItem AContextMenu);

Now it works on 32 bit classic compiler. I let you decide of what to do.

Thanks you.

Thanks for informing.
We will check with Embarcadero as we do not generate the file AdvWebBrowser.hpp ourselves. This file is actually generated automatically with the Delphi compiler.

Indeed ^^
As newbie in Delphi, I don't know how to modify the .pas file to generate a good typedef for C++ header.
We always use the 32 bits classic C++ compiler because it is fast to compile and has good debugger tool (better than 64 bits).