[bcc32c Error] AdvGDIP.hpp(1240): expected ')'

Creating a C++ Builder VCL Application.
When adding a TAdvStringGrid Component to a Form that contains a TRESTClient, TRESTRequest and a TRESTResponse Component gives a compile error:

[bcc32c error] AdvGDIP.hpp(1240): expected ')'
  AdvGDIP.hpp(1240): to match this '('

What I did:

  • Create new VCL Application - C++ Builder
  • Add a TButton Component (Button1)
  • Add a TRESTClient Component (RESTClient1)
  • Add a TRESTRequest Component (RESTRequest1)
  • Add a TRESTResponse Component (RESTResponse1)
  • Double click on the Button1 Object to create a Button1Click() event
    • Add this source code:
    • If you want, you can add a TRichEdit Component to the Form and
      Add this source code (to display the result of the request):
      RichEdit1->Text = RESTResponse1->Content;
      Don't forget to set the property 'ScrollBars' to 'ssBoth'
  • Add a TAdvStringGrid Component to the Form (for later use to display the RESTResponse)

Without the TAdvStringGrid component the application compiles and runs. With the TAdvStringGrid component the error occurs.

It seems, that the same error occurs in earlier versions of both C++ Builder and VCL UI Pack, too.


  • RAD Studio 12.1 (C++ Builder only, NO Delphi)
  • TMS VCL UI Pack
  • Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit, Version 22H2

What can I do?

Greetings from Germany
Andreas Richau

I could not reproduce this.
Project1.zip (57.0 KB)

Maybe try to reordering your includes in your cpp form unit where these components are used.

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Hi, Bruno!

Thank's for your quick answer.

Your Project didn't compile on my machine, because you seem to use older TMS libraries (TMSVCLUIPackPkgDXE11.lib for example). I changed these to *XE15 in the *.cbproj file and then it ran.

It actually depended on the order of the entries. After I arranged them in the order as in your template, it worked.

Thank's again for the good tip!


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