TAdvTwitter.GetStatuses example with SinceID

I'm creating an application that checks a users timeline and examines the new tweets since the last check. If I understand correctly I can use the SinceID parameter for this.

By storing the ID of the highest tweet and using this as the SinceID parameter I should only get new tweets since the last check. However, no matter what I try this parameter seems to be ingored and I always get the last amount of tweets specified by the Count parameter.

Can you provide a small example to demonstrate how to only get the new tweets since the last check?


You can use the Twitter Demo to test the Since ID parameter by changing the following 2 lines in the "LoadTweets" procedure of the form.
The new tweets will get added below the existing tweets in the ListView.

Original lines:
    TWitterStatus := ListView1.Items[ListView1.Items.Count - 1].Data;
    AdvTwitter1.GetStatuses(10, -1, TwitterStatus.ID);

Changed lines:
    TWitterStatus := ListView1.Items[0].Data;
    AdvTwitter1.GetStatuses(10, TwitterStatus.ID, -1);