How to get Tweets from a specified Friend?


I tryed to get all Tweets from a specified Fried in Listbox2 of Twitter-Sample, by using this code:

AdvTwitter1.GetStatuses(10, -1, TwitterStatus.ID, AdvTwitter1.Friends.Items[ListBox2.ItemIndex].ID, AdvTwitter1.Friends.Items[ListBox2.ItemIndex].Name);

but failed.

When I checked the Data with this:
  ShowMessage(IntToStr(AdvTwitter1.Friends.Items[ListBox2.ItemIndex].ID) + sLineBreak + AdvTwitter1.Friends.Items[ListBox2.ItemIndex].Name);

it seems, that data are correct filled with ID and NAME of selected Friend.

What did I wrong?

Cheers Thomas


it looks like that I have to use ScreenName instead of Name, but it doesnt filter right now. I always get the last 10 items in my Listview, even if I say -1 for Count.

Cheers Thomas


- You are indeed correct that ScreenName should be passed as parameter value instead of Name.

- I have not been able to reproduce an issue using the following line of code in the TwitterDemo app:

AdvTwitter1.GetStatuses(10, -1, Twitterstatus.ID, -1, AdvTwitter1.Friends[ListBox2.ItemIndex].ScreenName)

Please note that the Count parameter only affects the number of items that are returned. For filtering purposes you can use the SinceID or MaxID parameter.