TAdvTreeComboBox loses the configured tree item at random times?

For some reason, every once in a while I build the project to debug and run and the configured item in the tree of the TAdvTreeComboBox is gone (it's gone even if building a release version). It's frustrating.

I put the root item I want in there so there is one item. Any idea on what could be going on?

Using the latest C++Builder 11.3 version.

Do I understand correct that you add a node at design-time and that this node isn't visible at run-time?
Do you execute any code on the TAdvTreeComboBox? When you close the project and reopen, is the node still there?

Yes it's added at design time. It works for weeks, then all of a sudden when building it's gone. One time I went in and it was there and I saved and then exit/back in and it was working, but the last couple of times, it's just gone and I have to put it back in there. I haven't had a problem with normal trees. It's weird, not sure if it's the IDE or the code of the control that runs under the ide sometimes can't load it or what. I'm starting to think maybe I should add my item in the constructor of the form it's on.

Something mixed up with your DFM in a version control system?

No. I only update it at certain points, this is in-between all that, it's just all of a sudden, boom, it's gone.

I haven't been able to see this here, nor hear a similar issue from other users.
We'd really need step by step information to be able to investigate whether that is really an issue in the component. Again, does this item get removed from the DFM?

yes, gone from the .dfm

Unclear how our component itself could be responsible for this.
We'd appreciate if you have step by step information to reproduce.