TAdvTableView / TAdvTableViewItem

Hi All,

I'm trying to adjust a picture in a TAdvTableViewItem, I would like that the picture take the full height of a item's line. To resume, I'm creating a bitmap of the current form, and resize it to the height of an item, but I can't align the bitmap to the top of the item box, it seems I'm just below the item.Title. Is it a way to adjust it ?

aBmp := TForm(aForm).GetFormImage;
aPict := TPicture.Create;

thumbRect.Left := 0;
thumbRect.Top := 0;

ratio := aBmp.Height / aItemHeight;

thumbRect.Bottom := aBmp.Height div round(ratio);
thumbRect.Right  := aBmp.Width  div round(ratio);

aItem.Title := '<b>'+TForm(aForm).Caption+'</b>';
aItem.Accessory := tviaDetail;
aItem.AccessoryWidth :=thumbRect.Right;


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Do I understand correct that you want a title but the title is not displayed above the picture but right from the picture? At this moment, the title part is always the top part of the item and content is displayed below the title. To alter this, either the item should be custom drawn or we would need to extend the TAdvTableView.

Hi Bruno,< ="chrome-extension://hhojmcideegachlhfgfdhailpfhgknjm/web_accessible_resources/index.js">

Yes, it's what I've tried to explain. 

ps : no easy to include picture

At this moment this would only be possible via custom drawing the item.

The title is currently always top aligned.