TableView bitmap (left?)


I am using the TMSFNCTableView and i want to show an image that is left-justified.  The following code shows my item in the list fine but the image appears at far right of each item.  I want it on far left.

  Form1->TMSFNCTableView1->AddItem("My Item");
  Form1->TMSFNCTableView1->Items->Items[count]->Accessory = tviaDetail;
  Form1->TMSFNCTableView1->Items->Items[count]->AccessoryWidth = 48;
  Form1->TMSFNCTableView1->Items->Items[count]->AccessoryHeight = 48;

Using C++ Builder.  How do i move it to the left?

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You should use the Bitmap property instead to show an image at the left side. The Accessory is always placed at the right side.

Thank you sir.  Can you point to any example code to use that Bitmap property?  I looked at the guide ( but did not see anything.

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I fumbled around and decoded this by looking at the Delphi demo's.  

  Form1->TMSFNCTableView1->Items->Items[count]->BitmapName = Form1->TMSFNCBitmapContainer1->Items->Items[0]->Name;

Some examples of doing more with the Bitmap would help.  For example, is there a click event that i can use for the Bitmap?


There is no click event for the bitmap. The bitmap is a graphical element, and does not enable user interaction.