TAdvStringGrid SearchFooter and vertical scrollbar

We recently upgraded to v8.1.5.0 of the Component Pack from v8.0.0.1. We were having a couple of issues in TAdvStringGrid when using the SearchFooter and they both had to do with the vertical scrollbar. I noticed in the version history that back in January 2016 an issue was addressed with the SearchFooter and vertical scrolling so we upgraded to see if it would help us.

The first problem happened when the last row in the grid was hidden by the SearchFooter when the main form window was initially displayed. For example I had a dataset with 11 rows of actual data plus one fixed column header row. With the main form window containing the grid sized such that data row 11 was hidden by the SearchFooter the vertical scrollbar would not show thereby giving the illusion there were no more rows to see. The latest upgrade to v8.1.5.0 seemed to take care of that one, although the thumbtracker does not seem to work when trying to use it to scroll up. It works when dragging/scrolling down.

The second problem is similar and still appears in v8.1.5.0. If I take the same dataset with 11 rows of actual data and one fixed header row, then manually resize the main form window containing the grid such that all the data rows are visible, no vertical scrollbar shows up which is correct…all rows are visible. Now if I manually resize the main form window such that part of the last data row is covered up by the SearchFooter I still get no vertical scrollbar. I can pretty much cover up the whole last row and still not get a scrollbar. This doesn't happen when the SearchFooter is not visible.

The grid version is We are using Rad Studio 2007 when seeing this issue. I don’t know if it's a property setting or if it is related to the code. The first problem above was related to the code not taking the SearchFooter height into account when computing the scrollbar viewratio.

This isn’t a show stopper but something we need to get fixed before our next software release.


We have applied improvements for this that will be included in the next scheduled update of Apr 21.

Thank you!

Good news and bad news. Not sure if I should start another thread or continue with this one but the vertical scrollbar is now showing so that is better. However the horizontal scrollbar now covers up most of the SearchFooter. When there is no horizontal scrollbar everything is good. When there is a horizontal scrollbar the SearchFooter is not being offset by the horizontal scrollbar size. Even in the IDE designer when you make the SearchFooter visible along with scrollbars it is hidden behind the horizontal scrollbar.

We have already addressed this. Contact us by email for an incremental source update.